Kindertagesstätte Zwergenhaus e.V.

Выполнил: Polytan
Место: Beckum, Germany
Установлено: August 2014
Покрытие: PolyPlay FS

The children’s daycare centre "Kindertagesstätte Zwergenhaus" in Beckum opened its doors in August 2009. The building was designed as an innovative, Passivhaus-style, timber-framed construction that could be heated exclusively by insolation and heat recovery. An annex was added in 2014 and the centre is now able to cater for 60 children between one and six years of age. The educational concept includes English and music lessons, a drama group, a lending library and a painting studio for each group. The facility is also a certified "literature daycare centre", "house of little researchers", "family centre" and "physical activity kindergarten". The latter requires ample space in which to move around, so a sports ground was installed outside during the extension work. It is encircled by unusually attractive fencing decorated with paintings of dwarfs at play. The fences are rounded to stop the children from "hogging" the ball in the corners of the playing field – a request from the teachers to keep the game moving. The brick red Polytan FS soft-impact surface, which was installed over the whole area of 126 m² in an overall thickness of 40 mm, provides cushioning for falls and protection against serious injury.

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