St. Jakob Park Stadion

Выполнил: Polytan
Место: Basel, Switzerland
Установлено: July 2014
Трава: LigaGrass, Poligras Mega CoolPlus

The pitch in the St. Jakob-Park Stadium, Switzerland’s biggest footballing arena and the home ground of Super League club FC Basel, underwent extensive renovations during the 2014 summer break. The modernisation plan drawn up by landscape architects at Bütikofer Schaffrath Landschaftsarchitekten, a firm specialising in the construction of sports grounds, went for a low-maintenance combination of real grass, synthetic turf and special drainage systems from Hauraton. The redevelopment project paid particular attention to the service ring, a narrow strip between the pitch and the stands. This had to be widened from three metres to four in order to comply with FIFA and UEFA requirements in the long term. It was also important to install low-maintenance grassed areas in this section and in the coaching zone, both of which are exposed to high levels of wear and tear. The LigaGrass synthetic turf system from Polytan was chosen for the service ring. It has crimped fibres, which make it very hardwearing and exceptionally soft. By way of contrast, the coaching zone was fitted out with unfilled Poligras Mega CoolPlus synthetic turf from Polytan. Here too, the fibres are voluminous, soft and robust thanks to a special texturing process. A further advantage is that the integrated CoolPlus function prevents the surface from overheating during matches played on hot days.

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