Выполнил: Polytan
Место: Moers, Germany
Установлено: June 2013
Трава: LigaTurf R CoolPlus, LigaGrass, Poligras Mega CoolPlus, Rekortan M

Football, hockey, athletics – a sports complex completed in Moers in the summer of 2013 provides optimal conditions for amateur and professional athletes alike thanks to a variety of sports surfaces from Polytan. A throwing area and courts for beach volleyball, boules and boccia round off the wide range of facilities. The complex is incorporated into the spacious grounds of a public park. This eco-friendly scheme has expanses of water and soakaways to absorb rainwater, which drains away directly into the natural surroundings. The complex has served as a new home ground for two clubs since its completion: Grafschafter Spielverein Moers (GSV) and Moerser Turnverein (MTV). The centrepiece of the complex is a 400-metre circular track encircling a football pitch directly in front of the newly built clubhouse. The type B arena with six lanes consists of Polytan M, a fast and cushioning surface. The Polytan LigaTurf R CoolPlus system was chosen for the synthetic pitch. Landscape architects at Mueller + Partner opted for the Polytan LigaGrass multifunctional synthetic turf system for another two football pitches. Poligras Mega CoolPlus proved to be an ideal solution for the surface of the hockey pitch.

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